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Most Active Shares, BSE Stock Prices and Sensex Index

August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Someone has rightly said that if you invest in the most active shares in a low performing market, you do gain beyond your expectations in the long term, i.e. once the market goes up. Performance of the nifty and sensex index over the years has proven that fast growth does not happen. Hence your investment in the most active shares should be for the long term. What about intraday trading? For that, you will have to be an expert investor. A detailed watch on the changing NSE and BSE stock prices not to mention closely watching the changing trends of nifty and Sensex Index is a must if you want to experience a win-win situation.

BSE Stock Prices get displayed in a chart against the names of companies listed in the BSE. You can read about the companies and know about their performances for the last several months online. Choose only those companies that have maintained growth even in times of low market performance. Likewise, chart exhibiting the most active shares also get displayed. Do not just blindly choose the shares because these are tagged as most active; conduct a research so that you take wise buying and selling decisions.

BSE Sensex Extends Losses to 1 pct

August 25, 2009 Leave a comment

The BSE Sensex extended losses to 1 percent in midday trade on Tuesday, as investors across Asia turned cautious after a recent rally and awaited more clues on whether the economic recovery is picking up steam.

At 11:11 a.m. (0541 GMT), the 30-share BSE index was down 0.9 percent at 15,486.06 points, with 23 stocks declining, after falling to as much as 15,462.72.

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BSE Sensex Provisionally Falls 2.4 pct

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

The BSE Sensex provisionally fell 2.4 percent on Friday, as muted global markets and weak monsoon rains weighed on sentiment.

The 30-share BSE Index provisionally ended down 379.21 points at 15,134.82, with 29 stocks declining.

The 50-share NSE index provisionally closed down 2.4 percent at 4,473.65.  Read More …

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Seesaws in Early Deals – BSE Sensex

June 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Early on Wednesday BSE Sensex flip-flopped as  sentiment was hit by renewed economic worries, but still there was some buying as investors looked to enter the market after it fell 7.4 percent over the past two weeks.

This morning the 30-share BSE index was up 0.2 percent at 14,358.38 points, with 21 stocks gaining, after turning briefly negative.

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Bse Sensex has Been a Platform for Investing Cash and Reaping Benefits

June 17, 2009 3 comments

Presently, the face of BSE and NSE has been seeing rises and rises. Recently, the rise in Bombay stock exchange by 133 points has showed that the companies listed under it are making a profitable business. After all, the situation of the market has been getting better now. Earlier, it has witnessed a fall in the Stock Prices that leaded to heavy losses to the companies. Bse keeps telling about combined rise and fall of capital or market value. This helps the person to make timely investments and reap profits and not losses. Bse sensex is a matter of concern that it keeps informing about collective rise and fall of capital or market value. Today, it is the world’s best exchange in terms of the number of listed companies.

Along with BSE, NSE also recorded a rise of 39.40 points, which shows that companies having global business market are gaining in the business dealings. All this information is essential to me as I am an investment company owner and have to direct people on the right investment path. After all, proper guidance will help me to make good customer relation and this would be beneficial for my company also. All these information enable our clients to think about making investments in the right company. NSE has a particular group that involves bodies like India Index Services & Products limited, National Securities Clearing Corporation and National Securities Depository. Both the stock exchanges cast a heavy impact on the entire Indian economy

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Sensex Index Tells About Market Flow

February 16, 2009 5 comments
Stock Market Index

Stock Market

Sensex India is the figures of BSE 30 listed companies on the basis of free flow capitalization method. The free flow capitalization method is the calculation of figures derived from readily available stocks and shares for trading in the open market. This sensex index reflects the market condition and changes in the price of various commodities. Not only this, it also tells us about the assets of a particular company and its status in the market. The main aim of calculating sensex is to assess the value of a company and its ability to do trade.

There are 30 companies involved in the calculation of BSE Sensex. These include some of the big business shots in the market, such as Bharti Airtel, DLF Universal Limited, HDFC Bank, Hindalco Industries, Hindustan Liver Limited, ICICI Bank, Infosys, Larsen & Tubro, Mahindra Limited, Maruti Udyog, NTPC, ONGC, Ranbaxy Industries, Reliance Industries, Tata Group of companies and Wipro. These days, a conversation about hikes and lows in stock market is the prime topic. You get to know the trading ability and goodwill of a company in current news. All these news helps the industry people to make prediction about hikes and deduction in the prices of raw materials or other commodities manufactured by the companies.

Rising Trend of Indian Share Market

February 11, 2009 1 comment
Indian Share Market

BSE Sensex Index

On Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Indian Share Market extent up to 0.7 percent in row of third session. It is the highest level close in the last five weeks of the Indian markets. Investers of Share Market India were waiting for rescue plan of US economy, from which it is expected to set development for the world markets. Investors also motivated because of the coming up interim budget.

According to the market experts, the coming up budget announcement budget is an important variable which is keeping the markets hopeful about measures to boost the economy. On this, BSE Index rose to 0.66 percent or 63.58 points and close at 9,647.47 with its other 27 gaining components. The Sensex Index fell down till 0.8 percent at one point of the day before the rebound.

BSE Sensex

February 9, 2009 1 comment
Indian Share Markets

Indian Share Markets

It is a matter of worry to see the BSE index suddenly going downtrend with the Satyam mayhem and Nortel bankruptcy. The BSE Sensex at least exhibited an accelerating figure continuously with very little fall prior to that. My brother is an IT engineer and he has already been offered notice by his employers that they cannot take his services further. Similar is the case with a number of his colleagues. Most employees like my brother are all expecting the BSE sensex to display rising figures each day so that the complete economy is stable.

The declining inflation has affected BSE companiesdirectly, affecting us indirectly. I have heard, inflation has declined by more than half in a period of six months and that it would further go down. The BSE index has been showing mixed results. It will take years to regain its lost figures!

Indian Share Market Start Decline After Two-Day Rise

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

BSE Sensex index fell down 1.2 percent on Thursday 5th Feb 2009, after the two-day upward graph. Reliance Industries and Housing Development Financing Corporation are main BSE Companies which are main sources of this downward trend. Shipping companies jump the trend, still when there are weak global feelings and persistent economic worries exist in Indian share markets.

Indian Stock Market

Indian Stock Market

India’s largest vehicle maker, Tata Motor’s shares fell down by 5.3 percent during the day and closed at 2.8 percent at Rs. 131.50, it was the market news during the day that Tata motor’s had holdup the vendor’s payments. Inflation was less than expectations, due to this it failed to strengthen the many banks sentiments because more rate cuts were seen and due this it cut down the profit margins. The BSE -30 Sensex was closed at Rs. 9,090.97, down by 1.21 percent or 110.97 points, it rubs the profit of three-quarters over last two days.

BSE Sensex Situation

February 4, 2009 Leave a comment

On 3 Feb 2009, BSE Sensex has gained 0.91 percent or 133.50 points at 9,149.30. It was opened with the boom but fell down by 0.3 percent before reach to 2.6 percent. ITC and Reliance Industries are main leader of the rising Sensex this time. World markets are helping to calm down the stock markets investor nerves.

Stock Market India

BSE Sensex India

Australia and Japan has taken the positive moves to help their sick economies to set the good platform for bounce back in the world markets like Asia, Europe but the investors are extra conscious about the overview of the Indian stock market. Industry major player like Reliance Industries have the strong weight in the main BSE-30 index and it was up by 2 percent to Rs. 1,302.55, it was boomed because investors expected that gas sales may help the company in the current time.

Share Market India Open at Higher

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment
Stock Market India

Share Market India

On Wednesday 28th Jan 2009, Share Market India opens at 0.8 percent higher, which directed by Reliance Industries and Oil & Natural Gas Crop. In the morning around 9.46 am, the BSE-30 index was high by 0.79 percent at 9,075.21. The NSE-50 Index was high by 0.7 percent at 2,790.75.

On the other hand, Tuesday 27th Jan 2009, Indian stock market was high by 3.86 percent; it was driven by gains in global markets.  Ttemporarily closed at 334.48 points higher at 9,008.83 and the BSE-30 index he NSE-50 index temporarily ended at 3.45 percent higher at 2,771.05. Satyam Computer Services shares temporarily rose up by 20 percent to Rs.46.45 after the L&T statement “it may raise its stake in outsourcing firm beyond 12 percent”.

How Stock Market News Affects

January 19, 2009 Leave a comment
Stock Market News

Stock Market News

It is only stock market news that was the priority amongst my family members. I had incurred major losses and my company with three branches in metros was shut down. With stock market indices showing a slump day by day, I had no other option. I am planning to invest all anew, but waiting for the market situation to improve. Indian Market is still gaining grounds in few sectors as compared to global counterparts.

Unlike me, there are hundreds of bankrupt entrepreneurs who are dependent on bank credits. The recent upbeat in stock market indices is again in a downward trend due to the shocking financial slide by 80% of Satyam as the Stock Market News aired.

Latest India Business News

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Have you come across the latest business news! God, it is shocking to know about the financial revelations of Satyam Computers. After the great recession witnessed during the last quarter of last year, the year brought hopes as the Sensex began to rise, though slowly with fluctuations now and then. Well that’s the latest Business News India that has marked the headlines all over the world.

Latest Business News

Latest Business News

With the rupee increasing over the last two weeks prior to the scandal, a ray of hope ran into my veins….I was just speculating how to invest. I always rely on business news as it gives news up-to-date of the current situation.

The Sensex Factor

December 15, 2008 Leave a comment

I must thank the person who introduced the concept of Sensex…really I need to thank the person from the bottom of my heart. You invest and you get to know from Sensex, just sitting at home via the Internet or television how your investment is doing! The stocks going up and down is displayed so precisely via Sensex Index.

Sensex Index

Sensex Index

Companies listed in BSE that hold public shares, exhibited the most alarming Sensex figures, especially during the last few weeks. Common people like me…I have invested quite an amount…are the worst sufferers…thanks to the current situation. Now BSE Sensex is exhibiting some ‘heart-happy’ BSE index numbers.

The amount in lakhs converted an amount in thousands, and stocks being my primary source of income, I was very grief stricken. With the government providing loans at low interests and other measures to give relief to recession and with Sensex India in the path of a good phase, and above all bse sensex in an upward swing at this period, investors like me are looking forward towards hope. Let’s hope for the best that the Sensex Index, I mean the bse sensex goes up and up, bringing back cheers to lives of many.