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Business News Tells About Latest Happening in Trade and Commerce

May 15, 2009 Leave a comment

The money market is also unswervingly linked by the Foreign Exchange Market with the method of covered interest arbitrage, in which the forward premium acts as a bridge between domestic and foreign interest rates. In order to give you complete information, there are various news channels that have opened their Business News India channels. It has been done to keep in pace with the increasing demand of business news in detail.

Some of the things that you can get to know from the finance news are share price of various companies, borrowing or lending in the business world, mergers of tow companies or some business controversies. If you are interested in any of these news; then, you can access the easiest available source for that. Radio, television news channels, newspapers and websites are few sources that can provide you complete details on your choice of business news.

India Business News is The Mirror of Market Changes

February 18, 2009 1 comment
India Business news

India Business news

In today’s world of events, ignorance has no place. Each and every moment is being covered and reported to the masses. That’s the reason, why India News is always important in our lives. The day we don’t read newspaper or watch news channel, it seems that something is missing. Such is the value of news that has created a fence of knowledge around us. Whether its political news, bollywood news or business news, all have separate and special place in our life. Now-a-days, the talk of the town surrounds business market. With an increase in inflation and rising prices of commodities, India business news has shown the status graph.

Since the value of US dollar increased, everything seems to get costly. The business market is also suffering as they have to pay heavy price to import material from foreign countries. All this has also lead to recession and cost cutting in numerous companies. Business News India shows the exact picture of the affect that the slowdown in business has been causing. Apart from this, it also tells about the latest developments and launches in the corporate world. Another thing to read out in business news is the price hikes or crash in stocks market. All such Business news help the business people to manage their production and sales according to the changes in the market.

Indian Share Market Start Decline After Two-Day Rise

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

BSE Sensex index fell down 1.2 percent on Thursday 5th Feb 2009, after the two-day upward graph. Reliance Industries and Housing Development Financing Corporation are main BSE Companies which are main sources of this downward trend. Shipping companies jump the trend, still when there are weak global feelings and persistent economic worries exist in Indian share markets.

Indian Stock Market

Indian Stock Market

India’s largest vehicle maker, Tata Motor’s shares fell down by 5.3 percent during the day and closed at 2.8 percent at Rs. 131.50, it was the market news during the day that Tata motor’s had holdup the vendor’s payments. Inflation was less than expectations, due to this it failed to strengthen the many banks sentiments because more rate cuts were seen and due this it cut down the profit margins. The BSE -30 Sensex was closed at Rs. 9,090.97, down by 1.21 percent or 110.97 points, it rubs the profit of three-quarters over last two days.

Latest India Business News

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Have you come across the latest business news! God, it is shocking to know about the financial revelations of Satyam Computers. After the great recession witnessed during the last quarter of last year, the year brought hopes as the Sensex began to rise, though slowly with fluctuations now and then. Well that’s the latest Business News India that has marked the headlines all over the world.

Latest Business News

Latest Business News

With the rupee increasing over the last two weeks prior to the scandal, a ray of hope ran into my veins….I was just speculating how to invest. I always rely on business news as it gives news up-to-date of the current situation.

Grim Economy Shuns Many, For Some It Hardly Matters

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

In this fragile world of finance, things have always been different. Where on one hand, global economic meltdown, impeding financial status, and bankrupt corporate houses and business entities, sacked employees, crashing currency exchange rates has left the world shunned and shocked, there are some industries where the economy is still flowering and where normal business follows. According to Finance News India and Share news, luxurious private jets, diamond jewelry, art and antique industry, Rolls Royce and various other royal rituals are still in demand and personal finance investing goes on unharmed. These are the arenas which seem to least affected with the financial distress that is being mourned over by investors, bankers, stock brokers round the globe.

Indian Currency Exchange Rates

Indian Currency Exchange Rates

The Stock Market might have roared of depletion and fluctuating financial calculators, however, the above stated jubilant and showy industries are still sparkling with the same jitter, pomp and show. Chanel, Armani, Dior and various brands are still lusted for and have no economic issues following. It is rightly said that glamour never dies and that is what makes these industries survive in the otherwise choking situation of economic tumult. As the share market India have depicted rightly, money invested in appropriate places never goes dull and waste and that is where personal finance tools exercise their power. Currency converters do not apply where money knows no bounds. The cash inflow in personal financial banking is unstoppable and the fund value always shoots up due to the personal finance tools, no matter what.