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Live Stock Market and Stock Recommendations

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The market has been so volatile for more than a year now that it is just difficult to judge out the most lucrative one amid the most active stocks exhibited in the live stock market page in many an online portal. And just following stock recommendations published anywhere only spoils the investing spirit because returns are hardly received. But one advice, given by stock experts, does makes sense. It is staying updated with the Live Stock Market statistics. And yes, if you are a short term trader, staying updated every now and then is a must. This is because live stock market statistics displayed now may be different after some time; say even in seconds or minutes or hours.

Getting maximum returns all depend on how updated you are, how you select the right stocks from amid the most active stocks, how you take buying and selling decisions, how you make use of investing tools, and related paraphernalia. I do take into account the stock recommendations given by my broker; but I don’t just invest on those stocks blindly. Analysis is my cup of tea. Stock Recommendations offered by can be relied. But again, it is cautious investment that pays.

Currency Exchange Rates, Market Statistic, Active Stocks

July 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Want to view up-to-date Currency Exchange Rates because you are all geared to go for an international trip? Visit a news portal such as Here, you can get the A-Z of relevant latest news on every segment, both national and international. Market investors can bank upon this platform for the most active stocks, latest market statistics, and related news with just a click of the mouse.

If you are involved in forex trading, it is a must to stay updated with the up-to-the-minute currency exchange rates. Monitoring the markets real-time and thereby enjoying higher returns taking the right trading decisions can happen only if you take out time from your busy schedule for the same.

At many an online platform, you must have often come across charts carrying a list of the most active stocks. Well, do not just invest blindly only because these are the most active stocks. Consider the complete Market Statistics, conduct a research on trends, history, use analysis tools, and accordingly take buying and selling decisions.  When we speak about market statistics, it may mean sensex and nifty performances, top gainers, top losers, small cap, mid cap, sectors in the uptrend and downtrend and related paraphernalia.